A Modern Way to Eat - Anna Jones

This is a gorgeous book that lets vegetables take centre stage in a collection of clever, original and sumptuous recipes. There is a whole range of different flavours so you won’t get bored. If you are a meat eater, don’t be put off, as the recipes are cleverly crafted to be wholesome yet hearty, so you simply won’t miss the meat.


The Green Kitchen - David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl Andersen

I love this book for the beautiful pictures alone, it really inspires you to get cooking and try something new. All the recipes are wonderfully healthy, using a an array of fresh wholefoods, and are mostly gluten and dairy free.


Plenty - Ottolenghi

This is a gem of a vegetarian cookbook. If you’ve ever wondered past any of the Ottolenghi delis and seen the mouth watering dishes piled high, you’ll know his recipes are like works of art. I defy you not to get excited about cooking when you flick through this book. Use it for fresh and flavoursome meals, and to impress at dinner parties with beautiful mediterranean inspired cuisine.




Everyday Super Food - Jamie Oliver

I am really pleased that Jamie Oliver has jumped on the wellness bandwagon. He is an extremely talented chef and comes up with ingenious combinations of flavours and textures. This book is chock full of mouth watering healthy dishes, a lot of which are pretty easy and quick to make so you won’t feel overwhelmed.


The Heal Your Gut Cookbook - Hilary Boynton and Mary G. Brackett

This is a really wonderful book, full of recipes that will help support and soothe your gut. If you suffer from digestive symptoms such as bloating, IBS and heartburn, these recipes will be perfect for you. It is focused for people on the GAPS protocol, but the dishes can be cooked and enjoyed by anyone There is a great selection of warming dishes perfect for winter, and instructions on how to make bone broth, stock and fermented foods. The recipes are all grain free. There is a strong connection between gut health and brain health, so supporting your gut with these recipes is nurturing to your brain also.


The Medicinal Chef, Healthy Every Day -  Dale Pinnock

I highly recommend this book - Dale Pinnock is a Nutritionist and really knows his stuff. The recipes he’s come up with are all delicious, easy to make and perfectly nutritionally balanced. His explanations regarding different nutrition topics are brilliant; clear, concise and engaging. This is an excellent cookbook for everyday cooking that is fresh and nourishing and will complement your running regime perfectly. It also has some great snack recipes and healthy treats that taste divine but won’t send your blood sugar levels skyrocketing.


The Art of Eating Well - Hemsley and Hemsley

This book has some excellent recipes, most notably a great gluten free bread recipe (which is notoriously hard to find!). Some of the ingredients can be expensive and will mean you will have to visit your local independent health food shop or shop online rather than visit the supermarket, but it’s got a great selection of healthy recipes that are very friendly to people with allergies.