My Approach

I work with clients to find food that nourishes their body and a life that nourishes their soul. I believe every meal should be completely delicious - the myth of healthy food being just about bland salads or 'rabbit food' is completely outdated. There is a revolution of wellness happening globally, and consequently so many wonderful cookbooks and innovative restaurants out there to help inspire and make your mouth water.

When working with clients, I focus on the individual rather than a set of symptoms, in order to create a unique and tailored health plan. I aim to support them on their journey back to health through empowering and educating about all aspects of wellbeing. I look at everything from what they eat, to their relationship with food, stress levels, exercise routine and any potential health disrupting or energy draining factors. I use a natural whole foods approach that is both very nutritious but also affordable and achievable.

I am especially interested in the link between gut and brain health and have seen first hand the powerful transformations that can take place through working with nutritional therapy in this area. I recently had the privilege of working with Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride to become one of her GAPS certified practitioners. GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome. The GAPS plan is a protocol aimed at improving mental and physical health through comprehensive healing of the digestive system.