Whether you decide to run or walk your way through January.
There are no rules. The aim is to GET ACTIVE every day. 

It could be anything from 5 minutes a day to 5 or 10k and beyond - it's entirely up to you. You'll be running for 31 consecutive days so listen to your body and adjust your mileage if you need to. Walking is advised if you're a beginner or you're feeling fatigued. 

By running every day in January, you can kick-start the year in the most positive way possible, helping to make a difference to peoples lives, including your own. 

This is your chance to say, January's not blue, it's R.E.D.

Theres no doubt exercise is good for you, but it's important to remember that you could be at risk of over exercising.

Exercising is usually a beneficial thing to do for your mental health, and can be helpful as part of a long-term recovery or treatment plan. But there are some situations in which you might need to take extra care in case it starts to become a problem for you.

Find out more information about exercising safely